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Through the years we have been lucky enough to meet, help and see the results of talented people producing incredible work for their Clients. These people produce ideas and strategies that transcend technology, geographical borders and human behaviour. 

This  talent is key to helping creative companies adapt to the new and exciting times ahead. They are the ones who dare to try new things, learn, adapt and eventually succeed in ways we are yet to see. These people, agencies and ideas are what we call Trailblazing.  

To explore further have a read of the articles below...

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Our second article in the #Trailblazing series is about award winning work. In this article we talk about why we think Lego was last years best practice campaign for a brand and how its a great example of #Trailblazing work.

Our third article in the #Trailblazing series looks at how world class agencies would put their own spin on other award winning campaigns

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The A-List

The A-List

We can’t shout about the work that we do, but we can give examples of the people we have supported over the years. We nominated these individuals as A-List Contenders, and most are now established industry leaders. 

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Rob Doubal & Lolly Thomson

Executive Creative Directors, McCann

Ben Mooge

Creative Partner, Work Club

David Kolbusz

Chief Creative Officer, Droga5 London

Jonny Spindler

Chief Innovation Officer, AMV London

Brian Williams

VP/Creative Director, The Martin Agency

Tom Evans

Founder, BleepBleeps

Alex West

Managing Partner, Construct

Niku Banaie

Founding Partner, The Upside

Matt Boffey

Partner, London Strategy Group

Wade Alger

SVP/Group Creative Director, The Martin Agency

Georgie Mack

Managing Director, Made By Many

Laura Sampedro & Carlos Alija

Creative Directors, Wieden & Kennedy London

Matt Groves

Operations Director, Mother London

Gareth Goodall

Chief Strategy Officer, Anomaly New York

Stuart Outhwaite, Ben Middleton, Ed Warren and Dan Shute

Founding Partners, Creature London


What People Say About Us

What People Say About Us


“If you want the best, you have to go to the best”

Sir John Hegarty - Founder, BBH

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"LIZH do the two things you need from any recruitment partner but very few manage to do.  They get how the world is changing and the talent that is needed to build creative companies for the modern world. And they also take the time to get to know you and your company so they bring people in who click with your culture and your brief.  As a result they find you the talent to help keep you moving forward".    

Gareth Kay - Founder, Chapter, San Francisco  

“What I really value is that this set up is not that of a 'headhunter'.  What I have observed is they play a partnership role to me, and the business.  They take the time to understand our agenda and ethos, and are constantly on the look out for interesting, dynamic, modern talent.  When they find the right 'fit', only then do they put that talent forward. As a result, I know when I get a CV from LIZH, that I need to meet that candidate. It is a good partnership, and one we value at Dare where our skillset is eclectic and non-traditional, and our standards are high”.


Leigh Thomas - CEO, Dare, London