MAL London are looking to hire a business leader to take on all European output. This is 100% origination and will be replacing a superstar who the clients adore. This person will be strategic, be entrepreneurial, and have oodles of creative flair with a sensitivity to managing internal teams and bringing them on the journey. The clients have high expectations but are up for doing interesting work. Abi Findlay will be doing first round interviews, followed by Katrien and potentially Stephen where it is right to do so. Ideally this person will start at MAL in May.

Proposed ideas:


Jonny Ray is a Group Business Lead currently at Above + Beyond. When you first briefed us he was the first person who sprang to mind, mainly because of the entrepreneurial and creative energy he brings to a room. He is a superstar and we know Above and Beyond would fight to keep him. At Above + Beyond Jonny has led the Oneplus work, and Amazon business where they launched Amazon Music to the UK and also Amazon fashion to the USA (working with the creative director of Amazon UK and their Seattle office) and is across most of their new business pitches.

Previously he worked at FCB Inferno where his key achievements were: the work for Barnados which won a D&AD, leading and then winning the pitch working directly with the founders to re-imagine their business model, and finally providing a bank of content for the Department of Education.

He is pretty happy at Above + Beyond but if there was a frustration - it would be around not being in a position to make the work he really wants to be making. It is a very project based business which is moving more towards the strategic brand consultancy space. Jonny’s questions about this role at MAL is really understanding the extent to which he would be originating work vs adapting work. He wants to be totally clear on that as the work is his passion. He loves the Apple brand but does need to give further consideration to working across one brand vs many. But all these niggles considered he would love to meet you and discover more about MAL and the role you are hiring for.

Jonny’s current salary is £90k + bonus. CV to follow.


John Fogarty is a Business Director who has experience both brand and agency side. He has worked at some highly respected creative agencies such as BBH and W+K, on accounts like Levis, Lynx/Ace, Honda. Before working in advertising he wrote and directed short films as part of his MA in Film Studies, which has always given him an innate respect for creativity. 
John enjoys applying creative thinking to business practice. This was most prevalent at  Paddy Power where he led the digital and social marketing, sponsorship & partnership conversations, as well working with external partners like Crispin Porter to plan the long term goals for the business. 
John has worked at Weapon 7 and Dare through us too and  freelanced on a long term contract at Kessels Kramer (KK Outlet) where he was leading the Air Lingus business. When he first took on Air Lingus the relationship was in flux. John steadied the ship, enabling the agency to begin exploring a more creative approach. 
John is currently available, and is open to freelance as well as long term opportunities. CV
Salary expectations are the £100k mark.


Ruth Clarke until recently was Partnerships Director at Sony Music. Whilst she isn’t an account handler by training, much of her experience is rooted in an ability to listen, decode, translate, create, motivate, problem solve and then deliver.
Ruth is driven by a passion for learning and for understanding - people, places, organisations, context. She was hired from Warner Music to set up and lead the Partnerships team at Sony who hired her to bring a modern mindset to artist promotion. 
Ruth led a number of partnerships with Beats by Dre, Beefeter Gin all around British Culture , Paloma Faith and Skoda to name a few.
A red thread running through Ruth’s professional life has been a deep investment in and commitment to purposeful and positive business change - partaking in, facilitating, wholeheartedly believing in it as an inevitable and vital topic worthy of focus / input / time / passion, and in her most recent career chapter, really striving to prove the case for its relevance in an industry and business that was in obvious need of its influence. She was part of, and later led teams that helped transform the music industry’s approach to Partnership and Strategic Marketing through a near-10-year period of crisis, deep change, and eventually economic revival. 
Ruth is looking for something special from her next role. She left Sony (and until recently was on gardening leave) because she felt that their motivations were purely financial and this impacted on how progressive/creative they were willing to be. She wants to work somewhere where she can make a real difference.
Ruth is one of the best people we have worked with. She is super smart. Whilst she won’t have handled productions that have the same scale as Apple, she knows what good looks like and is really eloquent, so well versed on bringing clients on a journey to brave work. We think she can bring something really interesting from all her years as a Partnerships Director too which could perhaps take the work to a new and interesting direction. CV
Salary expectations will push your budget as she at the £110k mark though I do reckon there may be some flex there. She is currently freelancing and so won’t be on a long notice period.


Anna Mills - Project director Warner Music Brand Partnerships

Anna is currently leading the Levis Music Partnership with Warner Music. They are building on Levis brand values of equality to bring music education to disadvantaged kids across Europe. They have created and curated an event series as well as making all the content to amplify the partnership. Anna is leading the way at Warner to help them build more of these brand partnerships between their artists and brands, and lead the creative and content opportunities that can come from these conversations.

Before this Anna was at BBDO New York where she worked on a pretty impressive collection of culturally provoking creative work. She ran half of the £12m General Electric business, working directly into a Managing Partner and what she describes as the best client in the world. Their ambition was to be Fast Companys' most Innovative Brand and so gave  BBDO the creative freedom to experiment with the brand to great effect. 

During her time there, her most notable achievement was making an 8 part podcast series, which got 5 million downloads and topped the iTunes podcast charts. A GE technologist used sound wave technology to decode encrypted messages which were killing off people at a rate of knots. What made this series so successful was  it felt like an authentic piece of entertainment vs  branded content.  Not only did BBDO conceive of the idea and oversee the production of the content, they created fake wikipedia pages and websites with codes for their audience to solve the encrypted clues outside of the actual podcast experience itself.

We absolutely love Anna - she really is special. She is humble, smart, creative, and clearly has a huge drive to do the best work for her clients. She isn’t unhappy at Warner Music, but the music industry is in transition and so she is open to exploring this conversation with you.

CV & Portfolio is here.

Screenshot 2019-03-21 14.03.28.png

Flor Arrizabalaga - Business Leader This is New London

Originally from Argentina, Flor moved to London to be with her boyfriend, now husband.

In Argentina, she worked for the innovation house Castro where she worked on some really interesting and different projects.

In London, she has been working with the Argentian creative.... Carlos Bayala (ex Mother and W+K Portland) at This Is New London. The agency have worked on some really interesting projects for Nasa, LEGO, and the Columbian Peace Agreement. She has been helping to run the agency (finding talent and partners, running agency operations), running the client relationship and being a champion for the creative work. She is really smart but doesn't feel she can continue to grow if she stays in her current role and so has recently left 'This Is New' and so is currently  available to work.

She is starting to have one or two conversations and would love to be on your radar. She is refreshingly different, and brings energy and enthusiasm with her too. She is such a lovely girl but no sleeping violet (in a good way). She has a tier 2 visa which expires in 2023 and would need sponsoring.  

CV is here. Portfolio is here.