Edelman have won the integrated Shell Retail business and are looking to hire a dynamic Business Leader who can help Shell in this period of transformation from supplier of fossil fuels to an Energy company. Edelman have an amazing opportunity on Shell so would love someone ambitious, curious and who can lean in and help shape the business and account.

Proposed ideas:


John Fogarty is a Business Director who has experience both brand and agency side. He has worked at some highly respected creative agencies such as BBH and W+K, on accounts like Levis, Lynx/Ace, Honda. Before working in advertising he wrote and directed short films as part of his MA in Film Studies, which has always given him an innate respect for creativity. 

John enjoys applying creative thinking to business practice. This was most prevalent at  Paddy Power where he led the digital and social marketing, sponsorship & partnership conversations, as well working with external partners like Crispin Porter to plan the long term goals for the business. 

John has worked at Weapon 7 and Dare through us too and  freelanced on a long term contract at Kessels Kramer (KK Outlet) where he was leading the Air Lingus business. When he first took on Air Lingus the relationship was in flux. John steadied the ship, enabling the agency to begin exploring a more creative approach. 

John is currently available, and is open to freelance as well as long term opportunities. CV

Salary expectations are the £100k mark.

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Flor Arrizabalaga - Business Leader This is New London

Originally from Argentina, Flor moved to London to be with her boyfriend, now husband.

In Argentina, she worked for the innovation house Castro where she worked on some really interesting and different projects.

In London, she has been working with the Argentian creative.... Carlos Bayala (ex Mother and W+K Portland) at the innovation agency This Is New London. . The agency have worked on some really interesting projects for Nasa, LEGO, and the Columbian Peace Agreement. She has been helping to run the agency (finding talent and partners, running agency operations), running the client relationship and being a champion for the creative work. She is really smart but doesn't feel she can continue to grow if she stays in her current role and so has recently left 'This Is New' and so is currently  available to work.

She is starting to have one or two conversations and would love to be on your radar. She is refreshingly different, and brings energy and enthusiasm with her too. She is such a lovely girl but no sleeping violet (in a good way). She has a tier 2 visa which expires in 2023 and would need sponsoring.  

CV is here. Portfolio is here.