Brave London

Brief: Snr team - Would be great if they had sport experience and tech understanding, but overall great craft, strong bold ideas and lovely people.

Budget: Around 50-65k

Lance & Tom 🤩

They have both had over 3 years in their respective agencies - BBH and Lucky Generals so a great start. They are good mates were keen to work together so they took the risk of leaving their agencies to team up. This only happened a few months ago but they have gone straight into freelancing and are loving working together. (they’d look at 40k+)


Laura Clark 😺
Laura is currently at Drum, having worked at Leo Burnett and then Fallon (before they merged). A fantastic thinker across media, not just traditional TV, but right across the spectre. She was really excited about the prospect of working on ManCity too! She’s been part of a team since she left Lincoln, but they are about to head into different directions as she wants to stay in the creative industry and work at agencies.

Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 14.57.30.png

Pauly & Jordan 🤘

A team from Newcastle who have bags of personality and drive. They’ve made some decent work with the brands they have had too. Jordan’s the art director/ designer and Pauly is the writer. They are about 6 years in and have worked at Drum & Central and Everything Different before they went in house at the Tech company Sage for 2 years. They came to London in 2019 and have already worked at A&E/DDB, Keko and a few other places. More a senior middleweight team.

Pauly is football obsessed, being a player / manager of a team for years - Jordan's passion is urban sports and actually runs a skate community :)

They have added a short deck for you to look at here


Mark & Lor 🤟

A really exciting team with a background in writing / directing and producing. They have worked at Sky/ Red Bee/ NOW TV and BBC Creative. They have a raw style and bags of energy and confidence to take on any brief. A really nice team who is worth meeting. More a senior middleweight team.

Nick O’Brien 🤔
Nick knows Dip already and is probably more at his level, so although he isn’t bothered about titles he would probably like to have some autonomy on his work and would be closer to the 75k mark. He’s about 13 years in and although he has an Art direction background he is more than happy to write up ideas/ scripts etc as well. He used to be in a team with Paloma who is currently off with her new born, but he is open to going perm on his own for the right place.

Again such a wonderful guy and he said you might have met in a pub once


Phil & Emma 🤗

We met Phil & Emma when they were at Crispin Porter. They left after 3 years and had a brief freelance stint for about a year before they joined Ogilvy where they stayed for a further 3 years. They are now permalancing at AMV, but have always wanted to get back to a smaller agency size again and would love to test the waters with Brave if you like what you see.