Brave London

Brief: A brilliant writer to join Emma Watson and work on their existing brands, but also play a leading part in making John Frida as cool and brilliant as you can make a hair care brand. Emma is great, a smart kiwi with experience from Colenseo BBDO and Draft FCB. She’s been in London for the last 2 years freelancing in agencies like Droga and Lucky Generals.

Budget: Around 50k

Positive’s: Brave have a great sense of community, they are small enough to avoid typical politics, but large enough to make global work with a huge emphasis on quality and craft. They offer a bonus scheme and have a brilliant work life balance. They are in the process of opening a new office in a different country and also looking at moving offices to a more central location. Led by a wonderful creative team called Caroline Paris and Liam Fenton and have lots of work being made.

Negative’s: They are still a smaller shop who are working hard to show the world how great they really are, their current location has also been a challenge for them in the past.

A selection of their good and standard work: