Brave London

Brief: A shit hot middleweight team, who are sick of feeling tied down and stuck in a political madness of reasons for not doing Brave work. Brave want a team who feel like they can do so much more than they are being given the opportunity at where they are. They need a team to be high energy and pulsating with big strong and bold ideas. The team need to be able to present completed ideas and not just executions, and also be confident enough in their ability to go on shoots and help build relationships with Clients and taking them on journeys to be bold and sell reasons why your ideas are the ones that will help transform their business. There is also a lot of day to day work and executions that need doing which are less exciting, but part of the job of course.

Budget: Around 35 - 40k

Positive’s: Brave have a great sense of community, they are small enough to avoid typical politics, but large enough to make global work with a huge emphasis on quality and craft. They offer a bonus scheme and have a brilliant work life balance. They are in the process of opening a new office in a different country and also looking at moving offices to a more central location. Led by a wonderful creative team called Caroline Paris and Liam Fenton and have lots of work being made.

Negative’s: They are still a smaller shop who are working hard to show the world how great they really are, their current location has also been a challenge for them in the past.

A selection of their good and standard work: