We are looking to grow our team with a new strategic problem solver who has extensive (10+ years) professional experience across a range of industries. The right person will have led and managed teams to the highest standards, working with or as part of global teams on challenging long term strategic problems whilst at the same time initiating their own projects and ideas too. The right person will know and understand how to execute and use global consumer research, how to use creative methods and tools to facilitate difficult workshops and conversations with senior stakeholders and know how to take strategic leaps that push organisations forward into the future - with the credibility to dare them to do so. At the same time the right person will have an extensive network of potential partners and clients and the ability to secure new projects with the most senior clients. In addition, aside from all the apparently contradictory clichés that everyone asks for – like being a self-starter who’s a good team player – we’re most interested in people who have a diverse and unusual set of skills or experiences, with a proven track record of achievement, leadership and learning across at least two of the three worlds we work in: e.g. a management consultant who’s worked in TV, or a journalist who’s been a teacher, or a choreographer who’s now a coach. You get the idea.

This person will be a critical leader in the future of our company, based in London but with the ability to travel up to 40% of the time. Daily life will be anything and everything between building lasting client relationships, leading complex high profile projects, coaching the team to learn and grow and contributing to the culture and future direction of the business.

Proposed ideas:


Brian Bené - Associate Strategy Director at Bow & Arrow.
A strategist in the innovation, brand and business space having trained at Redscout for 6 years (NY and London) before moving to Bow & Arrow in 2017.
Brian is a very smart strategic and creative thinker, who has spent the past 8 years partnering with ambitious brands at such as BMW-Mini, Google, AmEx, Harry’s and more in helping them find creative solutions to complex brand challenges; crystallising the human and cultural insights that lurk behind behaviours and trends; crafting strategy into great storytelling; concepting new ideas and products, while geeking out on coffee, rum, retail, service design, and much more. Brian came highly recommended to us by his former strategy head at Redscout, who made a point of saying they leant as much from Brian working with him as they could offer him in learnings! He’s particularly excited at present by the work he’s doing with AmEx, to help them reframe the status symbol of / core product offer for the elusive AmEx Centurion Card to bring give it back it’s modern aspirational positioning, where it has become something holders feel embarrassed by. The repositioning is less around wealth by simply bank account balance and more around ‘wealth’ by a combination of that, contribution to society/industry etc, plus other meaningful modern status indicators.
Brian isn’t necessarily unhappy at B&A, we have very much leaned in and approached him. Having shared some information about your B+A he would however be keen to hear more as it is clear he’s willing to be tempted away for the right opportunity. CV is here and his salary expectations are within your budget range.


Nebat Sukker - culturally attuned Head of Corporate communications. Smart though humble, strategically eloquent, unphased, high EQ. International experience.
Nebat has worked across a range of public and private sector roles, both brand and agency side where she has taken responsibility for corporate communication strategy.
She has worked together with key stakeholders to get under the skin of organisations and help reframe their narrative.
Most recently she has returned to London after finishing a contract with Philia (an African Oil & Gas company) which she was seconded to from boutique communications agency SBC. When she arrived at Philia she worked with the management, and held a series of workshops and focus groups to understand the current perception of the business (which at its most negative was associated with a dirty and corrupt African business), and over time helped them to find their raison d’être. As Head of Communications at Heineken Ethiopia she worked with the local community as well as Heineken stakeholders to help the brand breath life into its purpose of Brewing a better world.
Nebat has just arrived back in London, and is looking for what next. She is super smart, and has a lovely warm personality which results in people opening up to her. But she is not afraid to speak her mind and so will stand up for what she believes in whilst being sensitive to those around her.
Her previous salary range was £150k so she would be at the upper end of your £120k budget, and is aware that you can’t go higher than that. She is available to start immediately. CV


Dan Burgess - Strategy Director - ex Naked. Passionate about bringing together brands, creativity and real issues.
Dan is a strategic activist who is an expert in helping brands giving environmental and social responsibility issues cultural meaning in an authentic way. He has worked with Google, and also Saatchis on the dark side of technology. He remembers you Ben from when he worked with the girl effect, where he helped launch open studios. As you will know this was all about finding new pathways to change the future of girls lives in Africa & Asia - At swarm, Dan launched project wild things in partnership with Unilever, where they successfully recruited 30,000 parents and 5000 companies to commit to rewiring childhood.
Since Swarm he has been working as a consultant on different projects and the range of work he has applied his brain to, I think, makes Dan super interesting. Dan is a left-field thought for you as he is above your budget (probably more senior than you were after) plus we would be looking to bring him back into the permanent world of work. But if you were open to a 3 day arrangement then perhaps that could work, or else I thought it worth you guys reconnecting and being on each others radar for project work too. CV

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Ruth Clarke until recently was Partnerships Director at Sony Music. Whilst she isn’t a strategist by training, much of her experience is rooted in an ability to listen, decode, translate, create, motivate, problem solve.
Ruth is driven by a passion for learning and for understanding - people, places, organisations, context. She was hired from Warner Music to set up and lead the Partnerships team at Sony who hired her to bring a modern mindset to artist promotion. 
Ruth led a number of partnerships with Beats by Dre, Beefeter Gin all around British Culture , Paloma Faith and Skoda to name a few.
A red thread running through Ruth’s professional life has been a deep investment in and commitment to purposeful and positive business change - partaking in, facilitating, wholeheartedly believing in it as an inevitable and vital topic worthy of focus / input / time / passion, and in my most recent career chapter, really striving to prove the case for its relevance in an industry and business that was in obvious need of its influence. She was part of, and later led teams that helped transform the music industry’s approach to Partnership and Strategic Marketing through a near-10-year period of crisis, deep change, and eventually economic revival. 
Ruth is looking for something special from her next role. She left Sony (and has been on gardening leave) because she felt that their motivations were purely financial and this impacted on how progressive/creative they were willing to be. She wants to work somewhere where she can make a real difference.
Ruth is one of the best people we have worked with. She is super smart. We think she can bring a lot of strategic insight to her next role and she would be up for exploring a conversation with you, even though it feels very different to any other she has previously done. CV
Salary expectations around £110k mark. She is available to start immediately.


Federico Bolza - ex VP Strategy at Sony Music. passionate, problem solver, big picture thinker.
Fred has always been a creative soul, but his Italian parents had different aspirations for him and encouraged him to pursue a more formal route to life via engineering. After two years working as an engineer he moved across into Management consulting, which allowed him to flex some creative muscle.
He had always harboured a passion for music and culture and was headhunted to join Sony after the CEO heard Fred speaking about the future of the music industry.
Fred believes that in a world where so many seek answers the real challenge lies in asking the right questions. He has played a key role over the past 10 years in helping transform Sony Music from a artist focused record label to audience centric culture business. He was responsible for positioning One Direction as a boy brand not a boy band, and bringing Robbie back. He is Chair of the Abram Wilson Foundation which uses jazz as a means of teaching confidence to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. They recently did a concert and worked with 15 kids from the Mossbourne Academy to put on a gig at Church of Sound. Fed is currently working with a film company to make a documentary about the kids and hopefully record an album with them. He has also recently started a little music label called Tapestry Works where they are developing an ethically sustainable approach to developing artists. He has also written about music and fashion for Italian Vogue and occasionally writes liner notes for obscure jazz reissues.
Fed parted ways with Sony as the organisation’s objectives changed as the management changed. In his role at Sony he was paid more than your budget but is open to exploring new and different avenues and was very intrigued by your brief. He would love to say hello.